3 Hots &
a  Cot

Who's That Girl?

"Hello, my name is Laura Cook Newman, and I am a recovering Chef."

Yes, we have some bananas!

At age 13, I started my first job in a small cafe/bakery called Woodbine Cottage in Newton, MA.  The work was hardly Food Network-worthy.  I was charged with sticking labels on individually wrapped slices of banana bread and such, that would be shipped to ski resorts and sold at the store.  That job progressed to peeling black, soft,  leathery bananas destined for mashing into a sweet pulp for the above mentioned bread.  It was thankless work, and not very glamourous, but there were three distinctive perks:

1.  All the banana bread a teenager could eat
2.  A cool $5.00 per hour, under the table cash - and in 1986 that was pretty exciting for a 13 year old
3.  The bragging rights to my fellow friends that I was "retired" from babysitting and exploring the fast-paced world of foodservice

Twenty six years later, I look back on those introductory years of foodservice employment with a different lens.  I had no idea at the time that my seemingly insignificant after school job would have such an impact on my career.

"Foodservice is the job you love to hate - and you hate that you love it so much" - Laura Cook Newman

Yes, I just quoted myself.  

When I'm not being an international woman of mystery and lifting cars off babies, I live a peaceful life with my two daughters in Golden, Colorado.  I teach a little yoga, we ride bikes, and we visit the Coors tour for the free beer as often as possible.

And by way of a disclaimer...I was born and raised in Boston; don't you dare call it "Beantown."  Therefore I am fluent in sarcasm, have an affinity for Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee in the middle of February, understand the art of mocking the Yankees, and aspire to dating Matt Damon's character in Good Willl Hunting.  So, I hope you like apples, and of course...bananas.

Always wanted to see the country from your couch?  Hang with me, and I'll take you there.
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