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"You travel for work?  That sounds cool."

It is.

Most of the time...

Three Hots and a Cot will take you on adventures of travel.  "Business or Travel?"  you might ask.  The answer is "Yes!".  Why separate the two when you don't have to?

Do you love the Olive Garden?  Do you always check your bag - even for an overnight trip?  Do you usually order room service?  Then this website is NOT for you.  Please try some other blog - probably entitled "Food for Thought" or something equally pun-worthy.

Three Hots and a Cot is the spot to explore it all: the good and the bad, the naughty and the nice, the pristine and the downright unsanitary. Caveat emptor. 


First Stop - "3 HOTS"

A culinary background and a job that allows me the to explore a new cities add up to delicious possibilities.  I avoid chain restaurants whenever possible.  I go out of my way to patron Mom & Pop places.  If I smoked, I'd be the female Anthony Bourdain.  Grab a fork; here we will dig into the 3 Hots: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.   


Second Stop - "a COT"

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a miles whore - and those funky fresh boutique hotels are exquistite - but don't offer me any perks beyond an amazingly memorable stay.  Nevertheless, I'll help you navigate the places to lay your weary head from city to city.


Third Stop - "THIRST"

My first class at J-Woo (Johnson & Wales University) was mixology.  I was a wide-eyed 17 year old freshmen and got a taste for the sweet nectar of Peach Schnapps, and I haven't looked back.  I'm a Chef, I'm Irish, I'm from Boston - you do the math - this girl likes a good cocktail.  My guest mixologist (aka BFF "TaTee") will help keep us current on what's shakin' behind the bar.


If I could have only one super power it would be the ability to teleport.  Until that day comes, I need to get where I'm going.  Who to fly, the best (and worst) seats on a plane, aiport A-list, crusin' and parkin' (I'm talking rental cars, folks). Loyalty programs: Miles with Smiles.  And Bitchin' Camaro car reviews.  If it has to do with transportation, I'll pave the way here.

Last Stop - DETOURS

All work and no play makes Laura a dull girl.  World's largest Rollerskate?  Dinosaurs from PeeWee Herman's Big Adventure?  An Eiffel Tower in Texas? Roadside attractions make me grin.  We'll explore some needed distractions here.


So now that we know what Three Hots and a Cot is, let's make things a bit easier, shall we?

Three Hots and a Cot = THAAC
(Well that's weird.)
Okay, how about this: THAAC =
Yeah, that's good.  And sometimes "good" is good enough.

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